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Garage Makeovers in Yonkers City

Garages throughout Yonkers gain new purpose and functionality through the customized remodeling services we offer – specialized in renovations, additions to expand your garage, reconstructions, and conversions.

Our approach and meticulous construction process mean truly custom garage makeovers tailored to your unique layout and lifestyle vision.  From a detached build needing storage solutions to a tight corner crying for expanded living areas, we re-envision garages to meet homeowner needs.

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Garage Makeovers and Additions, Custom Cabinets, Storage Solutions, and More!

Our garage remodelling services revitalize and expand your space. Full makeovers transform cluttered, damaged garages into showpieces with new floors, lighting, and custom cabinetry built just for you. 

Additions properly enlarge your garage footprint to accommodate more vehicles, create extra work areas, or enable garage conversions. 

All our projects focus on maximizing functionality, whether you need more storage solutions, custom organization systems, or even an apartment above your garage.


Aesthetic Garage Flooring in Yonkers city

We install stunning, enduring epoxy, tile and concrete floors guaranteed to withstand heavy use while elevating aesthetics

Garage Storage Solutions by GRY

Our custom cabinetry, overhead storage racks and innovative organization systems maximize every inch to minimize garage clutter

Stylish, unique and functional garage doors by GRY

From flawless modern door installation to expert calibration, we convert garage access points into sophistication displays

Walls and Finishes by Garage Remodeling Yonkers

Drywall, vibrant multi-coat paints, artistic finishes and accent tiles become jaw-dropping washable works of art under our brush

Garage To Living Space Conversions​

Want to turn your garage into a functional and stylish space like a bedroom, gym, workshop, or entertainment area in Yonkers, New York? Our skilled team specializes in garage-to-living space conversions, catering to both full garage makeovers and partial renovations. We excel in custom garage remodeling, allowing you to tailor the space to meet your specific needs and lifestyle.

In Yonkers, we’re known for our expertise in seamless garage renovations. Our process involves essential structural modifications, including demolition, expert drywall finishing, and precise trim installation. This ensures that your new space not only looks great but functions perfectly, blending effortlessly with the rest of your home.

Our approach to garage renovation in Yonkers city focuses on maintaining the practicality of your garage. While converting your space, we ensure the functionality of garage doors and outdoor access is preserved. This means you get to enjoy the added living area without compromising on convenience.

Choose us for your garage remodeling project in Yonkers, New York, and experience a transformation that combines aesthetics with functionality, perfectly tailored to your needs.

Garage To Living Space Conversions

Yonkers' Premier Garage Remodeling Experts: Top-Rated Local Contractor

As one of the most talented garage remodeling teams in Yonkers, we handle every project phase seamlessly. Our carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and finishing experts complete all quality construction work directly. Backed by extensive experience executing targeted garage upgrades – we also excel at comprehensive garage conversions which join living area additions. These full custom remodels require creativity and attention to detail, which our customers rely on us to deliver. Having transformed countless garages across Yonkers, we know how to turn drab into a dream.

For All Your Garage Building And Reconstruction Needs

It seems simple – construct a garage from bare dirt or reconstruct one that’s damaged. But in reality, flawless execution requires fine-tuned technical skills. Of course, ANY contractor can throw up four garage walls in Yonkers! Though we wonder, will improper drainage plague you with flooding? Will the roof leak come winter?

At the first sign of settlement cracks, most builders skitter away! Not us. When challenges like zoning variances or structural deficiencies rear their head, we tackle them with the expertise and persistence we’re renowned for in Yonkers’ construction scene.

No project parallels another and no other contractor rivals our capabilities to BUILD or RECONSTRUCT unique garages. We invite you to stop settling for basic and instead dial us to handle your garage construction or rebuilding needs, no matter how complex. Our solutions deliver peace of mind, not nagging liability.

See Your Ideal Garage Come To Life

You have the vision. We have the expertise to take that mental picture and turn it into a stunning reality. Send us a message to schedule a complementary consultation. We’ll discuss your vision, assess what’s feasible, and transform how you use your space.