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We refinish and remodel Yonkers garages with durable, stylish floors you’ll love. GRY crews professionally install custom epoxy, tile, and polished concrete floors that stand up to wear and tear and completely transform the look of your garage.

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Garage Floor Renovations That Stand the Test of Time

Has your garage floor seen better days? Restore this valuable space with our expert floor renovation services in Yonkers, New York. We revitalize worn, damaged floors into gorgeous, built-to-handle and maintain their beauty over the long haul.

With decades of combined experience transforming garages across Yonkers, our team has mastered the customized floor renovation process from start to finish.

We properly repair any flaws, select top-tier epoxy coatings and finishes that match your vision, and flawlessly install your new customized floor.

Renovated floors by GRY stand the test of time because we use professional grade materials and meticulous techniques. Your new floor not only upgrades the aesthetics of your garage but increases the value and functionality of the space.

You can bring your garage floor back to life with GRY’s expert remodels and renovations. We’ll oversee the floor prep, finishing, coating and installation down to the last detail.

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We Have the Floor Finishes That Match Perfectly With Your Needs

We get it – picking the perfect garage floor finish feels overwhelming. With so many options like epoxy, paint, tile and more, how do you choose what’s best for your garage needs?

That’s where our decades of flooring experience come in handy. We’ll consider the aesthetics you want along with factors like your budget, how you use your garage, climate, and more to recommend the ideal floor coating or tiles. A personalized floor that matches your vision and stands the test of your life.

Some of the customized garage flooring finishes we expertly install include:

Epoxy coatings for glossy, vibrant colors and designs that handle heavy use

Polished concrete for a low-maintenance, lustrous new finish

Interlocking rubber, plastic or polypropylene tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles that replicate wood, stone and other high-end looks

Budget-friendly garage floor paint in any color you desire

With Garage Remodeling Yonkers, you get the perfect floor finish AND peace of mind.


Garage Storage Solutions by GRY

Our custom cabinetry, overhead storage racks and innovative organization systems maximize every inch to minimize garage clutter

Stylish, unique and functional garage doors by GRY

From flawless modern door installation to expert calibration, we convert garage access points into sophistication displays

Walls and Finishes by Garage Remodeling Yonkers

Drywall, vibrant multi-coat paints, artistic finishes and accent tiles become jaw-dropping washable works of art under our brush

When Do You Need to Renovate Your Garage Floor in Yonkers, New York?

Cracks and Pitting

Over time, cracks and pits can form in your concrete garage floor from settlement and damage. These not only look unsightly but allow moisture to seep in and cause further deterioration. Renovating a floor can repair this damage and strengthen the floor.

Stains and Discoloration

Oil drips, tire marks, chemical spills and other stains can make your garage floor appear dirty and dingy. Renovating provides an opportunity to resurface the floor and apply more stain-resistant finishes.

Slippery Surface

Buildup of dirt, tire marks, and poor drainage can lead to an unsafe slippery floor surface. Installing new coatings during renovation adds traction and grip.

Wear and Tear

Constant use inevitably leads to scratches, peeling, and eroding concrete. Restoring your garage floor revitalizes its appearance and durability. 

Dampness and Odors

Moisture penetration can cause mold, mildew, and musty odors. Epoxy coatings laid during renovation provide a moisture barrier.

Outdated Appearance

Cracked coatings and bare concrete create a dingy, lackluster look. Renovation lets you modernize the floor’s aesthetics.

If your garage floor shows any combination of these issues, it likely needs some TLC in the form of a renovation.

Garage Flooring Contractor You Can Trust for Beautiful, Durable Floors in Yonkers, NY

What is the single most important factor when hiring someone to do a remodeling job? Trust. You need a contractor you can completely rely on for beautiful, long-lasting results.

Our experience in transforming garages speaks for itself; customers trust us implicitly to handle their flooring projects with care and expertise.

We know you work hard for your home and vehicles – they deserve a clean, stylish, and protected space.

Our obsession with quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction is why homeowners and businesses confidently hire us as their garage flooring contractors time and time again.

From repairing any substrate flaws to coating selection to professional installation, we oversee the entire renovation process down to the finest detail.

You want to enjoy your newly renovated space, not stress over shoddy contractor work. We make the process smooth and fulfilling because your trust means everything.

See Your Ideal Garage Come To Life

You have the vision. We have the expertise to take that mental picture and turn it into a stunning reality. Send us a message to schedule a complementary consultation. We’ll discuss your vision, assess what’s feasible, and transform how you use your space.