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Durable, attractive wall panels and floor coatings help Yonkers homeowners and commercial facilities reinvent their garages. Work with us and create a customized garage makeover that reflects your sense of style.

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Sleek, Custom Panels That Make Your Garage Organized and Efficient

If your garage feels more like a chaotic mess than a functioning storage space, you’re not alone. Between sporting equipment, tools, seasonal items, and vehicles, garages can quickly become disorganized disaster zones.

But your garage doesn’t have to stay that way – with our sleek, customizable garage wall paneling, your space can become an organized, clutter-free area you’ll be excited to use.

Our durable, quality wall panels can handle the bumps, wear-and-tear, and heavy-duty needs of a busy environment. Whether you need sturdy panels to mount storage hooks, add shelving, or create designated spaces, our wall systems can do it all.

Do not waste time searching through cluttered piles whenever you need something. Everything can have a dedicated place so you can find it fast.

Bring efficiency, utility, and even style to your garage with GRY’s wall paneling solutions. Our panels liven things up with your choice of colors and finishes.

Keep your treasures protected but accessible with overhead storage, shelves, and smart organization products mounted on the walls.

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Store More with Space-Saving Wall Racks

Tired of your precious garage space being gobbled up by stuff strewn all over the floor? We know that feeling. As a garage fills up with vehicles, tools, and other things, floor space gets crammed before you know it. The perfect solution is staring at you from those bare, boring walls.

Mounting heavy-duty racks directly on your garage walls keeps items up and out of the way without sacrificing accessibility.

Store long, bulky items like ladders, lumber, and kayaks in ways you never thought possible. Hole up your tools and sports gear on specialized hooks and holders.

Those tripping hazards become wall flowers, freeing up valuable floor real estate.

Not only is going vertical brilliant for both organization and safety, it’s crazy flexible too.

Wall racks can be adjusted, added, and moved around to fit your unique space and always-changing storage needs.

Whether you’re a chronically cluttered gearhead or a Marie Kondo minimalist, wall racks got you.


Aesthetic Garage Flooring in Yonkers city

We install stunning, enduring epoxy, tile and concrete floors guaranteed to withstand heavy use while elevating aesthetics

Garage Storage Solutions by GRY

Our custom cabinetry, overhead storage racks and innovative organization systems maximize every inch to minimize garage clutter

Stylish, unique and functional garage doors by GRY

From flawless modern door installation to expert calibration, we convert garage access points into sophistication displays

Versatile Racks and Cabinets for Any Garage in Yonkers, NY

Garages come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Yours probably needs storage options tailored just for it.

No more forcing your stuff into one-size-fits-all racks that don’t work. With our custom racks and cabinets, you can stop struggling to make your oddball garage work.

Got a tiny garage? We’ll optimize your garage layout for maximum efficiency. Is your garage huge? We’ll fill all that wasted space. 

Tired of sagging shelves and teetering piles? Our sturdy racks keep your junk neat and tidy.

Standard storage solutions don’t cut it for your unique garage. You need custom. 

Our adjustable racks and variable cabinets fit your special space just right. Mount cabinets up high to take advantage of vertical room. Angle racks to fit into awkward corners.

Your Organized, Stylish Garage is Closer Than You Think

Pulling into your clutter-free, customized garage complete with smart storage solutions that make your space functional and beautiful. 

No more stumbling over tools or losing track of seasonal items. Just a clean, organized area you can’t wait to use and show off.

This dream garage is more attainable than you realize. With our unique garage renovations, you can create the inspired, functional space you’ve always envisioned. Enjoy each time you head to the garage instead of dreading it.

Bring purpose and style to your garage with a customized makeover. Stop putting it off and start enjoying the pride, convenience and pleasure a tailored garage provides.

See Your Ideal Garage Come To Life

You have the vision. We have the expertise to take that mental picture and turn it into a stunning reality. Send us a message to schedule a complementary consultation. We’ll discuss your vision, assess what’s feasible, and transform how you use your space.